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Experience from management of bee farm? (Freshman)


Im thinking about the management of bee farm and I find out it is so difficult to keep an eye on the area of 2 or 4 hectars.
Anybody may show me your experience for that?
Thanks in advance!


Your question is confusing? Are you looking for someone to to take care of your bees?


I plan to set up a bee farm which is far away from my house about 100km. I am really confused about the way of management without my presence. I think one week I could visit and take care of the bee.
I plan to recruit the local people to watch the farm. I have no experience in this career so It’s a big problem for me!
Thanks for your concern!


My suggestion would be to start one or two hives close to your home so you can grow your knowledge and confidence with working bees on a regular basis until you become more experienced. Bees are not for everyone, they take considerable effort to maintain like any livestock. I am not sure how many hives you are planning for your bee farm but you need to make sure it is a number that you can handle without being overwhelmed. Another consideration is what are you going to feed them? Bees need protein for brood and carbohydrates for adult bees, this is in the form of pollen and nectar. You will need a rich source of both in the immediate area of the hives to sustain the bees for most of the year.


Firstly, My plan is renting a corner of forest and growing the hive there. The feeding source is the various flowers in the forest and I will plant some 4 season blooming flowers around the farm.
Secondly, the problem is the local laborer.
Thirdly, the bee disease is headache indeed.
As you say, I try one or two hive at home first. That sounds great. I will try eventhough in the residence, maybe it will disturb neighbors @@! Just kidding, I will build a hive in the surburban where is my hometown and not far from home!
Thanks brother!


Best of luck, it sounds like you know a thing or two about bees, best advice is to be passionate about the learning process and start small. Build up slowly so you know where your limits are and the risk of loss is low.


Chao Phuc,

It is very wise to know about bees personally. Without this you would surely fail n waist your time, finances n energy. Only by learning n training wisely one or two local might you head in the direction of any success. Ong Jerry chuc Phuc may man nhieu lam !

Hen gap lai Chau,
Ong Jerry


There are several digital solutions that might help you in your management.

I am sure there are others out there those are the two I know of off the top of my head. They would be costly to set up initially but would allow you to monitor your hives and plan your visits more productively. They will warn you when something is happening in your hive and you can schedule emergency visits before there is a major problem instead of trying to solve for it after it has happened.

Other then that having a local person who is trained at least enough to warn you if something unusual is happening would be helpful.


Dear Uncle (Chú),
I guess you can speak in vietnamese hihi.
I am learning the process of beekeeping so everything will be learnt step by step, especially learn from everyone experience!
I hope I can build my career as professional beekeeper for near future.
Thanks for your advise!
I wish you re healthy and passionate! (Chúc chú sức khoẻ)


Chao Phuc, uh … Chu chua noi tieng Viet gioi lam nhung toi học tieng Viet moi ngay. I have an adopted Viet grandaughter …

I am returning to beekeeping after 55 years away. I raise bee for 8 years in the 1950’s n 1960’. Now that I am semi-retired I am going to raise bees again. I have been practicing technics with one of friends hives.

. Good luck n good to see you trying out beekeeping. It’s a lot of fun but work as well.

Hen gap lai bro,


Hi @84_Phuc_Wong
What kind of bees you will use? Cerana or Mellifera? :slightly_smiling:


Chao Phuc.

We use melifera ( italianbee ).

I’ve had great results over the years with this species in our northern cool wet climate. We need a honeybee that ramps up brood raising early to take advantage of our shiort pollen season n longer winters yet survive.

Hope this answers you question. Can than nhe. He gap lai chau,

Mtn Rainier before another storm system moves in with wet, cool n windy weat


Hi ,
I also used Italian, wow that’s great :slight_smile:
Do you have any problem with cerana? or with mites?



In Vietnam, some locals use italianbee because of their strength and the others use Newzealand one. It rarely uses local bee for business in Vietnam.
The area of my plan is very hot in day time and cold in night one. But If I can rent the rear of forest, the climate is better! In that forest, there is a company of the forest patrol using the Newzealand bee. But I guess they use the old procedure for beekeeping so they are not really good at export and local consumption.
Con cám ơn chú help và good recommendation!
Con concerning the beehive in honeyflow.com. It looks very useful and hygient, doesn’t it? How do you think of it? But it 's pretty expensive for a freshman as me!


Uh, we do have to carefully watch n treat for mites here in our region. I going to use several safe forms of mite control this season. I have each hive equipped with “Screened Bottom Boards” (SBB). I will treat each hive with “Mite Away Strips” this Spring n Autumn. I will careful monitor/inspect my colonies every week or so ! I want to know there health n progress luon luon !
Hen gap lai 07:00 Coalfield Wx data n notes … Partly sunny (overcasting fast), 51.3 dgs, 61% hum, Wd: E-6(14) mph, Bar: dropping @ 1010.1 mbs, Rn: .02". Yesterday’s High: 57.7 dgs n Morning Low: 40.7 dgs. our weather this morning o day !

I am making entrance reducers for my hives sang nay in my small woodshop.

Hen gap lai va chuc Chau trai mot cuoi tuan vui nhe.


Chao Phuc,

Uh… I believe Flow-hive is still mac qua cho commercial beekeepers so far. I am still going to use standard 10 frame Langstroth boxes this new season. I am seriously considering buying only Flow-Super(s) next year 2017. That maybe my first honey collection season since starting raising bees once more/again. I have built most of my own since buying one full sample setup last Autumn. I enjoy building n assembling my own hives if I have time. I have recently bought one full cedar wood hive box setup this last week. If our weather is favorable I might try to assemble that hive cuoi tuan nay.
Approximately what region of Vietnam will you raise your honeybees ? Toi da song trong VN o thanh pho o Qui Nhon 1966-67. That is near the ocean n they grew rice, sugar cane, n bananas … There were other crops but I don’t remember as that was 50 years ago.

Bay gio toi duoc di lam … Bye bye va chuc ngu ngon bro !



Might I suggest that you check whether you** need** to treat. A spring treatment might not be necessary at all. This is the time your colony is building its numbers and MAQS might well stop your queen laying for a while. I use MAQS in the spring for fire fighting only. Check out Randy Oliver’s site for the best methods of mite monitoring according to the season.



Good note young lady ! I’d seriously thot about your suggestion. The new Nuc’s should be coming in pretty clean of mites n the meds might be a real waist n unneeded as well … I’d rather not disrupt their “getting with it” startup ! Thankz a lot my friend … I always appreciate the help. "I don’t need to touch the stove to see if it’s still HOT ! As my mom use to say … :ok_hand:

Wish you a great weekend n evening as well,


Chúc chú cuối tuần vui vẻ!


Gerald, I know you will manage those bees well. You think about what to do before you do it. I wrote because I think too many beginners have this idea of treat or not treat by rote. If you do either without actually knowing what you are treating or not treating you may come adrift.