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Bee hive locations

Considering getting into the bee game, hooray. The property I would like to do it is a cattle farm, there isn’t anywhere on the property that has a good amount of sun ( I am reading best to have full sun?? ) and fenced off, meaning it will be in a cow paddock. Do we forsee any issue?? I’ll need a good answer when the cocky askes how they will cohabitat.

Thanks ya’ll :smiley:

You need to make sure the cattle are kept away from the hives. One bump from a cow will knock a hive over. Other than that there should be no real problems.


Agreed, I may have to ask if I can fence of a little spot for me and my bees, hmm.

Don’t make it too small. You have to be able to work the bees in here too.

True, they are some big paddocks, I am sure I can cut out a decent space, considering I’ll drop them in some free honey ahah