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Exterior paint/seal

Hi I’ve just purchased a new flow 2+ with red cedar. I’m excited to get it up and running but want to paint it with a varnish. I like the natural wood look and want to keep that. Can anyone suggest what they have used?


There are several threads that discuss this topic - for natural look the most popular options seem to be tung oil and hot wax frying.

Others have used marine grade sealers and poly whey.

I used this all over the outside of mine and I love the results.

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Looks great! Let us know how it holds up.

So far it has lasted 7 years on the deck. Water still beads up and looks like new. Should last forever on the cedar hive. :crossed_fingers:

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I used a product from Vermont Natural Coatings called Polywhey. Made from recycled whey protein. Environmentally friendly and quick to apply. It penetrates and dries so quick you have to do second coat while first is still wet.

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Thanks for advice. Did you painted the roof the same?

I used 2 different shades. Golden cedar for body and royal cherry for roof. They also have one with no color.