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Extract honey from pine tree

Hello, I am new beekeeper and i am from Greece, Athens. The area that i live is a forest of pine tree and flowers. Because i am interested for the Flow Hive, i have a Question. Can the pine honey extract from the cell of the Super?? or it is heave and can come out because the humitidy of honey? Thank you.

Welcome to the forum Kostas.
It would depend on the species of pine tree as to if it produces honey and how much. The common pine trees that are native here are great pollen producers but not producing nectar so no honey of any value to the hive.

Hi there Kostas, welcome to the forum :cherry_blossom:

Can you post a picture of the pine tree you’re wondering about? The pine trees here have sticky sap, but as Peter said not really any nectar that bees could collect and make honey from.

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If we can trust this table, the dynamic viscosity of pine honey is not too different from honey collected from floral sources. Therefore it should work with flow frames the same way.

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Seems honeydew honey is quite common in Mediterranean.

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Wow, that’s pretty cool, symbiotic. No flowers required. I wonder what the bees protein source is?
Thanks for pointing that out.

I think something besides pine should grow there. I hope @Tsou may chime in on the subject…