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Extracting propolis, royal jelly and wax with flow hives


we are from Southern Chile and we are very interested on buying hives to produce honey. We are also interested on extracting propolis, royal jelly and wax as by-products. I have been checking the forum and I haven’t found information about if the simplicity of this system allows the extraction of these by-products.
I hope you can help me


The Flow hive is designed for honey, if you wish to extract propolis then you could install a propolis trap above or below the Flow Super. If you want wax then use a standard super with the standard frames above or below the Flow frames (or even beside the Flow frames) if you have the space. For Royal Jelly, that is something entirely different and occurs in the brood chamber, you need to fool the nurse bees into thinking they need to feed a queen larva. That takes some considerable experience and planning, are you sure you are up to the task?


Thank you for your advice.
My dad is just starting as a beekeeper (he doesn’t have any field experience, but he has been studying the theory for years) and he wants to buy flow hives. He is excited about honey bees and these hives.
The question mainly pointed on if it’s still possible to extract those by-products (to try in the future). It’s wonderful it’s possible.

Thank you so much.


So the short answer is “yes”, you can still make all those products with the Flow.