Feeding Question

I am in SE Qld, the land of perennial rain. I fed my 2 hives yesterday via an entrance feeder that you screw a 750ml water bottle onto, using a 50% white sugar/water mix. The bottles have emptied at the same rate, and should be empty about 5pm today, a total of 27 hours.
My question - should I refill the bottles immediately or wait a day or even longer for them to fully process what they have?
I will add that the bees love it, there is basically no activity outside the hive (still raining) but when I look in the entrance they are all over the trough.

You can fill the bottles again straight away. The bees don’t need any time to process what they have already taken.

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They’ll keep taking syrup until they’ve had enough, so as Jeff said add more straight away. I’d make it 2:1 though. Thicker is better in winter.


thanks, syrup made and supplied. Bees very happy.

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