Feeding Syrup - Placement of Feeding Frames Inside Hive?

We started feeding our bees. I have two frame feeders inside the super where the flow frames usually are, flow frames have been removed for winter. The inner cover is below the super and has an oblong opening for the bees to get up inside the super from the two boxes below. Is that the correct placement for the inner cover while feeding? I’m wondering if the inner cover should be above the super so there is no barrier between the bottom two boxes and the super with the feeding frames. I also added a few empty frames so there is not a huge gap between the feeding frames for the bees to maintain temperature. Only issue with the inner cover above the feeding frames (aka super), is the entire hive is opened while filling the feeding frames. There are a few bees from a neighboring hive sniffing around the top cover, looking for a way in. We have a robbing screen on the front with only one side open for the bees to defend their hive.
Thanks in advance!

Excellent :+1: just curious, how did you store them?

That’s a good way for now, while you’re still feeding syrup using frame feeders. The inner cover would help the bees manage air flow and pest defense. With nights getting chilly in my area and I’m sure in yours too, you don’t want a large open space at the top without any buffer.

Once the temps get consistently low the bees will not be able to dry out the syrup enough and will stop taking it. And just making sure you know that in fall the sugar:water ratio is 2:1 or 5:3 :wink:

By empty, do you mean bare wood or dry comb? If there’s comb in the frames, small hive beetles, wax moths etc could get out of control. Follower boards would be a safer option while you’re using this system.

Good you have the screen on :+1: It gets dicey this time of year doing anything beekeeping-related - a couple weeks ago I left my shed door open and when I came back in a little later the same day it was filled with bees :face_with_peeking_eye: Took me a few days to clear them out. So yeah, just proceed with caution and maybe choose a very early or almost-dusk time to fill the feeders so most bees are still inside.


We wrapped each flow frame in a plastic clean garbage bag and stored all frames inside a airtight tote in a cool, dry space.
I’m still feeding 2:1 sugar syrup until the night temps dip below 50 consistently, then I will switch to solid sugar bricks and/or Hive Alive fondant.
The empty frames have foundation but have not been drawn out yet or hadn’t been when I put them inside the hive.
OAV Mite treatments have been under way for a few weeks now. We will pack down the brood frames into the lower box this week and then not open the bottom part of the hive until spring, while still able to add food as needed without disturbing the lower boxes.
Thanks for your input, it is greatly appreciated.

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