Fall Feeding Frames Placement - Inside Hive

We started feeding our bees. I have two frame feeders inside the super where the flow frames usually are, flow frames have been removed for winter. The inner cover is below the super and has an oblong opening for the bees to get up inside the super from the two boxes below. Is that the correct placement for the inner cover while feeding? I’m wondering if the inner cover should be above the super so there is no barrier between the bottom two boxes and the super with the feeding frames. I also added a few empty frames so there is not a huge gap between the feeding frames for the bees to maintain temperature. Only issue with the inner cover above the feeding frames (aka super), is the entire hive is opened while filling the feeding frames. There are a few bees from a neighboring hive sniffing around the top cover, looking for a way in. We have a robbing screen on the front with only one side open for the bees to defend their hive.
Thanks in advance!