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Feral Bees on my Peach Tree!


So glad to see 'em working the peach blossoms! I assume these are feral - there is a commercial beekeeper about a mile away but he’s downwind so maybe they’re his.



Thanks for sharing the video. I’m up here in the Pacific NW southeast of Seattle. We’ve got flowers but not seen much bee activity yet. It’s been pretty darn wet this winter here. We are more than 5"s ahead of the normals. So been difficult for the bees to get out and forage. My Nuc’s are still 4 to 5 weeks away from arrival so my fruit trees won’t get much help I am guessing another spring. Only hive I know near us is about 1 1/2 ms. Guessing those bees have plenty much closer to their hive.

AgAin… Appreciate the vid !