Just wanted to share

I got my 5 frame NUC hive and got installed into the Flow Hive and make a short video. Just thought I would share.

I plan to upload more as I do inspections throughout the year.


Exciting isn’t it?

Yes I am really enjoying them so far, I sat out next to a tree last night for a half hour smoking a cigar just watching them fly.

They are thirsty little buggers though, sucking down about 32oz of 1:1 syrup daily now. They are drawing alot of comb I imagine. since there are 5 empty frames in there with only foundation.

I was really happy to get mine as well. Thank you for the video.

Where do you live - your nuc is identical to what I received. I’m in GA.

I am in NW GA (USA), Got my nuc from Elrods Garden Center/Bee Supply in Dallas GA.

Ding Ding Ding. Me too.

3 full frames and two empty ones correct?

Your bees came from a supplier in Cartersville named Victor Halbegewachs. Nice fella. He’s the president of the Paulding County beekeepers assc.
Your queen is Hawaiian.

Correct, 3 full 2 empty

Yeah I know Victor is the club president. I am a member of the Paulding Co. club.

Victor! (the v threw me for a loop).

Are you a member of the PC Beekeepers?

Did you also go to bee school in Holly Springs with Cherokee Bee CLub? Did you also win a 10 frame hive from BJ? Your pic looks familiar. Looks alot like the guy I stood and talked with while BJ was gathering up the hive parts.

LOL! I remember you!

I’m a member of the Cherokee Club. You are too given it is included in the price of Bee School.

yeah same here, as soon as I looked at your profile pic I remembered! Small world man! Yeah I know about the membership, but Holly Springs is over an hour from my place in Polk Co. I go to Dallas for the Paulding BeeKeepers meetings.

It’ll be great to follow each other’s progress here. You have two Flows right?

One complete currently. Second is in transit.