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Finally! The Flow Has Started, Some Nosema notified


Warm weather this week means my Hives are full of Nectar and Brood!! Woo Hoo!!
Both Hives were tested for Nosema; Sapphire has a medium amount and Emerald has a Low Number. The Spores are inactivated by heat over 60°C, Bailey Comb change Helps to rid the hive of spores and as a last resort re-Queening - I will do the comb change first, and have been told to feed them to keep them healthy and strong so they cope with it better


Thanks for posting a great video. Great to see such busy girls. :slight_smile:


The girls are buzzing and Emerald is starting to cap honey.

Moral of the story:-

  1. Don’t wear perfume
    2.Don’t go into the hives before a storm - even 4 hrs before