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Find the Queen: Train your eyes


Looking for your queen is exciting for all beekeepers not just newbees. It is possible to train your eyes to spot her. The link http://www.thegardenacademy.com/uploads/Queen_Training_Tool.pdf takes you to a slide show that teaches your eyes through various photos. Some are very easy while others are quite challenging. I noticed one photo with a marked queen and just a few cells away was a second queen! Sometimes this happens with mothers/daughter queens. It is rare.
The web site www.thegardenacademy.com has other beekeeping and gardening helps and would be well worth exploring.
For those of you waiting for your bees you may feed your anticipation by finding the queens in the photos. If you have your working colonies set up with an unmarked queen the slides will definately help you train your eye to find her.

*Note: Is it mandatory to find your queen every inspection? No (but it is fun). As long as you see eggs and brood you know she is present.


Thanks for the link Gayle