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Finishing Oil - FlowHive 2

I have just purchased the flow Hive 2. I was originally planning to oil the hive as I like the natural finish but the flow hive 2 is pine.

I have a couple of options and would like advice. Ive been told Tung/Linseed wont work on the Flow 2 due to it not being Cedar.

Options are

Also have the option of Cabots Natural Decking Oil

Any help much appreciated. Thanks

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Grab some premium decking oil like Sikkens HLsE or UltraDeck. Be sure to get the lightest tint colour, heat due to dark colours can be a problem.

Then coat outside and tops of all boxes and the roof, baseboard etc. Let dry and air completely for a few days at least before putting bees in.

You might consider painting the roof rather than oiling it, it really cops a beating from the weather.