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First Flow Hive 2 Tuross NSW Australia


Today we harvested 5 litres of honey from 3 frames of our Flow Hive. Funny we got twice as much from one frame than the other two. We inspected the hive two weeks ago and inspected the 3 frames that we harvested and they were almost fully capped except for a space the size of my palm (hand). Now they’ve got 2 months till winter to cleanup and restore honey for themselves. The Beez started chewing off the capping immediately after the frames were empty and kicking honey from the trough to restore. It was every exciting, we started at 10.30am and didn’t finish till 4pm, it took longer than we expected. I had two rescue a couple of honey logged bees that snuck in under the gladewrap which worked a treat. I cracked each frame 1/4 at a time and when the Flow subsided cracked the next bit, not one drop was wasted. The propolis was lovely and soft and made plugging the drainage tubes in a perfect fit, no gaps. None of the bees bothered us and I spent most of the day watching perched on a milk crate behind the hive, no sunscreen :hot_face:! All the utube videos and ready paid off! I need lessons on how to use this forum like how to attach pictures and videos, der!!!


You’ve attached a picture perfectly! You can’t actually attach videos. You’ll need to upload them somewhere (YouTube) and then include a link.

Well done on your harvest. As a rough guide, each frame can typically hold 2.5 to 3kg of honey, subject to how it is filled and capped by the bees…