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Lots'abees 'n Lots'ahoney! Northern NSW, Australia


Saturday morning 8am and after a long wait, the first harvest: 5.5 kilo harvest from 2 flow frames in 45 minutes with around 3 tablespoons of waste or leakage The leak may have come from the comb built in the lid, not the flow frames. And all the honey’s already gone to honey loving homes and tongues!

I checked the frames on Sunday evening and the “honey meter” (that’s what i call the channel at the front of the hive) on two more frames is half full. I may need to harvest again this coming weekend. My eyes were popping and still are popping out of my head.

We were able to take some comb from the lid where the bees were building, and measure the diameter of the comb: …each cell is 5.7mm. We played around with the comb and found that when washed in water it is behaved like a sponge. Amazing - i am not quite sure why it does that.

It’s been a long wait, almost a year, but it’s worth it. :slight_smile: Delicious. Nice one Flow.



Well done.
It is amazing how the simple things in life give us a lot of pleasure. I have only had a couple of flow harvests but each one is good. -Keep a sample of your harvests so you can do the taste comparison on each
PS you will have friends coming out of the woodwork to get a sample, it did not take me long to realise that they should bring their own containers, no container, no refill otherwise it gets expensive


Yep, It walked out the door the day after the harvest. Luckily, I’ll have to harvest again this coming weekend!


I tell my “friends” they can have as much as they like BUT its self serve. Kinda sorts them out :sunglasses: