First Hive Inspection for me

So I did my first inspection this afternoon when most of the bees were foraging. I saw lots of bees on the frames that I installed and I saw some new comb being drawn on the foundation less frames that I put in. I didn’t see the Queen though and I made the rookie mistake of not putting on some readers to look for eggs. From my novice perspective, the newly drawn comb looks good. Should I crack it back open and look more thoroughly or would this stress the colony out. I’m thinking I just make a better attempt the next go around. My goal for this inspection was to find the Queen or at least eggs to verify her presence. A bit frustrated that I didn’t accomplish this.

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Ugh, how I hate that I have to wear these too! Finally at a stage in beekeeping where putting them on my face is the first step of suiting up - but I’ve forgotten them many times as a newbeek :laughing:

I think it’s okay to go back in pretty soon - maybe end of the week? Maybe lift that outer frame out and pull up just a center one to take just a quick peek, WITH your specs :nerd_face:

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@Eva thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it. I might be grounded for another inspection due to weather. I love in the PNW and it’s supposed to rain at the end of the week. It was exciting during my first hive inspection. Next time I will be better prepared. I appreciate the feedback again and knowing I am not alone in doing this!


You bet, Austin, glad to help. This forum has saved me many times early on and been a lovely source of companionship along the way.

I’m betting that your queen will keep very busy during the rain & when you open the hive next you’re gonna find tons of eggs, larvae and capped brood - or BIAS, which stands for ‘brood in all stages’ :wink:


I did this exact same thing on my first inspection. Ugh :persevere:

You could always have a small handheld magnifying glass in your jacket pocket…

I am at the stage of life when I have yet to accept that I need reading glasses….

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It happened to me when my arms began to seem too short…


That’s right, maybe mine are too short!