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First peek after install

Hi! I’m new to beekeeping. I live southwest of Houston.
I did my first peek into the hive after installing 1 1/2 weeks ago. I didn’t look for the queen because a cold front was due any minute. It actually blew in as soon as I got the hive back together. I did manage to take a picture of the work they’ve been doing. Thank you for your wealth of information.


Welcome to the forum Sandy. Looks like the colony is building nicely. :+1: Was it a package? How long has it been in for?
Good luck and keep us informed with your progress.

Looking good, you probably know but be super careful with frames like that- the comb is very delicate, always keep the comb vertical (especially before it has attached to the lower bar). Also you don’t always need to look for the queen- so much as look for the signs that she is there. If you see very small larvae you know she was there just a few days ago. If you see eggs you know she has been there int he last 3 days. I found for me it took a while before I could see eggs- my eyes had to adjust somehow before they knew what they were seeing. So if you don’t see any for some time it doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t there :wink:


Yes, I was careful. I was so excited they were building that precious foundation. I almost wish I wouldn’t have taken it out. Im going to have to remind myself often that it’s their world, I’m just a spectator. Thank you!

It was a package. It’s been 11 days. Thank you for the welcome!!

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