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First Hive Inspection


Hi all, glad to finally be on the forum as I’ve read and learned a lot here. I’ve been searching for an answer to one question and I’ve been unable to find it. I did my first hive inspection last Friday after the bees had been installed from a 3lb package for 8 days. Everything looked just fine as far as I could tell. They were making great progress drawing out comb on my foundationless frames…but I expected to see the main group of bees in the center frames, but they’d started on one side…I can’t find out if this is important or not.
When I installed the package, I did push the frames together thus leaving some gap on the outside…there’s been plenty of goings in and out…I visit them daily to check their sugar water levels and to just observe.
I’d appreciate any input.


I would recommend you move the frame they are working on into the middle of the brood box. It will allow them to fill out the pattern more evenly and will improve on heat dissipation. Make sure your frames all are touching each other so the bee space is correct and the frames should be situated in the middle of the box allowing a bit more room on both sides. Bee Happy!


That sounds like an outstanding suggestion to me. Although they were working pretty diligently on 3 frames right there…I musta got the weirdos lol. I’m doing a check come Friday so I don’t get too intrusive. I’ll adjust things, keeping moved frames in order, to be centered then. Thank you, I’ve been looking for a similar situation all morning.


I would leave them to get on with setting their hive up. Maybe the side they are building in is warmer.



I suggest if the comb they are building is straight then just leave it alone. It’s never mattered in my apiary and I’m sure it won’t in yours.
They didn’t start in the center because you probably forgot to tape the instructions to the inside of the lid facing down: Dang bees! :laughing:


Man, I just KNEW I should have said something when I installed them!!! Maybe if I scold them, wagging my finger. That comb was dead on straight up and down…was beautiful.


Then just leave them to get on with it.



I appreciate the responses, very helpful stuff from people with more experience than me. Thanks.