First look of the season

Its finally warmed enough here and the weather is right so I dived in four a look. Well, winter has been kind to the girls and all five hives are going really well. Only saw one beetle in the lot and it is no longer in the land of the living. The boxes of honey I left for the bees to care for are all still there and they have added to them over winter. There are eight boxes to harvest and that would leave each hive with plenty to get through spring. Now to get organised for the harvest.

Only three stings for the whole job but the first ones of the season always let you know you are stung. By the end of each season I don’t really react but I have a fat wrist, finger and forearm from this mornings effort. It always amazes me just how frightened people are of bees but they are surprisingly gentle considering just how invasive that inspection was.

Anyway, now to give two to a mate who lost his to beetles last season and breed a nuc from the best one this season.

All up its looking good.


Yeah, I got a fat ankle for my trouble this morning Rob. Two good hits! Bam! Ouch. Must remember thicker socks.

Don’t worry about thicker sox Kev. The reaction lessens as the season goes on :grinning:

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Got 3 bees in my suit today. Big black eye developing.

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Nice to see your bees overwintered well.
I treated my 5 hives this AM with an oxalic acid vaporization and got zero stings.
I was certain pulling the entrance reducers out would set off a bee or three but none seemed perturbed.
Even sliding the wand in didn’t rile them up.

My buddy who was there said he absolutely wants to get queens from me next spring.

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