Strange seasons this year

Well, over summer my hives made a whole four frames of honey I could harvest. Not surprising considering how dry and hot it was. Packed them down for winter a month or so ago thinking I would leave them till spring. Great day here and they were super active so I popped in for a quick look. Looks like I will have to harvest soon if the weather stays so mild. Its June in the Blue Mountains and I am walking around in a T-shirt! No wonder the bees are confused.



Hi Rob,
Here on Kangaroo Island in SA I have a tomatoe plant that is still flowering and setting fruit, it is nearly 8 ft high!.
This last week temps are dropping


Hey Rob, Summer here was hot as usual but we missed out completely on the Summer wet season so although there was plenty of flowering there was no nectar in them, Nov to March the bees actually consumed honey.
I’m into jeans now with our “Winter” and extracted 2 Flow hives of 4 frames of the 6, and the same again tomorrow for the other two hives. Then if the weather is warm enough I will need to extract from the Langstroth hives as they are full of capped frames as well. Last winter I was extracting right thru Winter.
The Spring wattles are out in flower so it’s anyone’s guess what is going on.
Only 20 klm’s away JeffH wasn’t suffering the dry weather that I have had, I guess localized weather played a part in it.
Cheers mate, Peter


You are not wrong about the summer, it was brutal. While I could pull some frames from them now I resisted as I reckon we are simply skipping autumn and will go into winter straight away. We have already had one lot of snow and the cold will get more persistent so the bees will need their goodies. Suppose its just a check on good days, do partial harvests if necessary and wait till spring scenario now :crazy_face:



same story in adelaide- I have 13 beehives- and only a few KG’s of honey to get ME through winter. We did get a few spring harvests off in some locations but most of my hives produced nothing at all. Summer here was very nasty. The autum slightly kinder… At least we have had decent rains over the last month- so I have high hopes for the coming spring. I really want to try and work my hives early and try to build them up and make some splits. Hers to next season being THE season .


Maybe it won’t be any more hives BUT hopefully we will have booming, great big ballsy hives next season :sunglasses::smile::cowboy_hat_face:

It seems to have been a bad summer season all over Australia, I would say thing got back to ‘normal’ towards the end of march and all my hives need extracting now. I am looking forward to a winter flow up here.
Sent you the info on the SHB traps that are set up around the perimeter of the apiary, I have 6 set up and 2 spares as I am sure they will become brittle being plastic.
Cheers Rob.

Same in Sydney, around me. Some trees are still dropping leaves on one side but sprouting buds on the other.

Had a completely full langstroth 10 frame super yesterday surprisingly so pulled a couple frames out. Yay for mild autumn/winter.

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