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First pan-European field study shows neonicotinoid


This was published a couple of days ago. A few people here will be interested, including @Dee. For those in the EU the current prohibition on neonicotinoids comes up for debate again later this year, so if you have an interest in the outcome it might be worth keeping an eye out for.


Thanks for that.
Lots of chatter here in the U.K. Already


Might explain our overwinter colony loss data in the US, too. :worried:


An overview article in The Economist also mentioned in today’s news…


Hi guys,

For those who didn’t hear the news:


How is the situation in the US? Australia?


It’s a good start
It doesn’t include Thiacloprid and another neonicotinoid which Bayer has had reclassified as something else.
Then you have to attack the rubbish that gardeners are still allowed to use.