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Pesticide manufacturers' own tests reveal serious harm to honeybees



I wanted to purchase some clover seed to spruce up the pasture for my bees. The local ag shop only had clover seed that was impregnated with some sort of systemic insecticide. No thanks! Apparently it is hard to get organic clover seed here in SA, a ‘‘special order’’.

So I did a bit of checking. I found a website where Australian chemicals are listed in a central government database. Here you can find the brand name of the product that contains any of the Neonicotinoid family of chemicals.


I could not find them under the general heading of neonicotinoid…but did find them under their more specific chemical names below:


I have a list that I carry on my smart phone so I can check. Not that I buy any of this stuff. But there are plenty of these products to be found on the shelves at Bunnings (Australia’s version of Home Depot).

It would be great if Flow could help raise awareness about neonicotinoids. Get on some of those ABC Gardening shows and spread the word now that there are some serious studies coming out.


That’s blooming useful :slight_smile:
I plant crocus bulbs in the apiary for early pollen and it took me a heck of a long time to find bulbs that were not thus impregnated