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First swarm of the season in Canberra

Had a call this afternoon in Canberra for a great sized swarm that was on a wooden post in a parking lot.

We originally had them all move into a corflute 5 frame nuc box but it wasn’t quite big enough… so we shuffled them all into a broccoli box with an extra frame!

Looking into the end of the broccoli box with 6 very full frames!



Good job ! Thankz for sharing … Our region here in the Pacific NW only saw minimal swarms this last Spring. I got one in mid-May. I had couple friends that scored a couple but I only see the one that calls my Flow-Hive home sweet home. Thanks for the pix’s ! Gerald

How exactly did you get them into the box? Scoop up the queen? So neat and tidy!

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I captured a quick video of the process


I love your bee scoop! Fantastic, now I need to find a large liquid container like that with something in it that I would actually use. We don’t drink much milk or juice, hmmm. Really great idea though, I must make one. :smile:

I can’t take credit for the scoop (wish I could), footage is of a fellow beekeeper… I am holding the camera :smiley:

I also captured the waggle dance of one of the scout bees

Make sure you watch the video in 1080p to avoid the video breakup/compression.

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Three more swarms called in by canberrabees.com swarm collectors today…

Season has definitely started!

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Another two, a trampoline and a lemon tree

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Took my camera along and managed to capture a nice close up video of another swarm. It’s filmed in HD so open it up to get a decent view!

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How come your bee swarms all seem to land nice & close to the ground? :slight_smile:

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This has been a recurring (and welcome!) theme this year. Of about 30 swarms recovered so far this season, I’d say only two or three needed a ladder.


The swarm from the original post (on a post :D) has been re-homed. Here is a short video if them bringing in some local pollen:

Always like to keep the first swarm of the season!

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Incredibly we clocked up swarm number 60 today for canberrabees.com (on a BBQ) almost one month to the day of the first swarm this season:

Possibly more interestingly, we captured swarms 58 and 59 from the same site using a Technoset split box (2 x 5 frame nucleus).

Will post more on these particular swarms in future (also have some videos)

Photos of the comb in swarms 58/59…only 8 days later. This is why I use foundation.

The cells in both ‘nucs’ are completely filled with eggs, so both queens are laying strong. With plenty of pollen/nectar also coming in, they needed little feeding to kickstart (1kg of sugar total). These combs should be capped over the next few days and in a day or two an additional super will be added.

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60!!! I’m hanging in there for one more, please! I have 2 lures left, & each time we get the hint of warm weather I think about putting it up in my traps. Will hang on bit longer as still too changeable. Those technoset boxes look great, must be really useful for collecting swarms. If i start thinking about doing splits may have to invest in one. I’ve ordered some of the clips, just waiting for them to arrive.