First Winter issues

So, tried to look at the hive today. They are alive. BUT, the cover froze and thawed enough to where it warped and was stuck in my roof so the whole thing came off. That said, the cover was soaked and there was water inside the roof. I put homasote board in there but it was dry? Thoughts?

Also, as you see in the pictures, I believe the outside started to mold. Maybe due to the wrap I used? Also pictured. Should I sand in the spring and oil angain? Any thoughts on what you see here would be appreciated. I am located in Minnesota, US.

Yay! Always good news :grinning:

Could be from condensation. Your insulation around the sides is good, but the roof is where it really matters. If you have another one of those cozies you can just drape it over the top and either strap or weigh it down with a brick.

Definitely. That’s a bummer, happened to me too, on painted boxes. Add it to the maintenance list :paintbrush::hammer_and_wrench:. I ended up cutting the bee cozies and taping the opening so they are now long sheets and can be draped, wrapped etc in different ways because I found them too tight & tricky to work with. Ants love to live under them too.

Just wondered - is that your Flow super on the top?