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My first hive has made it though winter but

well i am rolling in to my 3rd summer with bees and they made it for the first time,
today is +13C and they are flying i saw some bees that had white spots.

there is a bee on the foam center frame,
what is that stuff?

It looks like they found some powdered sugar or the white foam color is rubbing off on them.

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so i should have nothing to weary about then? i have some raw sugar on the top board right now but its coarse i was thinking it looked alot like icing sugar


That’s probably what it is.

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few lol they are REALLY active today almost mid summer levels i had last year its really nice to see,
what pollen are they finding? i live in the Calgary alberta area and i don’t see anything blooming (i also put a pollen patty on the hive 5 days ago)

on the foam [quote=“BeeAlberta, post:1, topic:21347”]

That is serious insulation there, well done.

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Also the “tricky” season is far from over. Now through mid-April is when to expect the most hive loss. As long as you keep food in contact with the cluster you’ll be good.


So true - I went out three days ago to check on my survivors and gave them a new winter patty & they pounced on it. I’m thinking they might have almost ripped thru it by now because it’s been raining & very windy here, no chance to forage on all the crocuses and maples!


Thanks i didnt want to take any chances this year so went for the 2 inch foam board.
i know there is still a long way to go but last year i lost them in the first 2 months of winter (wasnt even cold yet)
as far as keeping food in contact with them i work away from home so my first day(if it is >7C out) back i open up the top and add more if they need it.