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Flaming hot hive

Make sure you wash your suit, as the alarm pheromone will be all over it - which might be setting them in to attack mode every time :scream:


Yes, I learnt that the hard way before with a different hive. :laughing:

More curiosity than anything else, how long do the alarm pheromones stay on the suit? If I only go into the hive every two weeks, with a last that long that I really would need to wash it?.

And that draws another question, is there anything you could wash the suit with that would help the hive be more comfortable the suit i.e. odor wise

I guess that all depends on how much the bees didn’t like your interrupting them, the more they tried to torment you the stronger the deposit of pheromones would be left on your suit. From my own experience if I have a hard time with my bees the first thing I do when I get home is to throw my suit and gloves in the washing machine. As well as washing powder I add about 1/3 cup of washing vinegar, it might help with killing the pheromone but it certainly help in the cleaning of the gear.
Cheers Marty

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