Flow 2 bottom tray

I’m wanting advice from experienced Flow 2 users on best use/practice for the triple compartment bottom tray.

I’ve installed three NUCS 10 days ago and hope to learn best practices for the tray.

Thank you for replying.

Hi Bill, I have the previous version flowhive but have made modifications similar to what now is the 2nd version.
The bottom tray can be used to catch pests that are either chased down there by the bees or fall there. Eg moth larva beetles etc. I prefer to use a thin layer of garden lime in the tray but others use diatomaceous earth or oil. The pests get covered in it and die.
You can also use it to monitor any leakage when harvesting from the frames and to monitor what drops from above ie pollen wax.
Good luck.

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Thank you Gary. I’ve caught noticeable amounts of pollen…and a hive beetle swimming in oil…which is the reason I asked about best practices.

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Hi, I’ve put approx 2 mm layer of vegetable oil. It’s caught many hive beetles. Very effective to reduce beetle population in the hive.

Thank you, I’ll put a little more.

I’ve also got about 2mm of veg oil in there and have seen shb drop completely.


Sounds like everyone gave you great help n comments here. I’ve only got the old style two position Flow-hive up here near Seattle … Don’t have the beetles at all (yet) here.

I keep mine always in the upper slots n use for watching mite n debris drop only. … only have a shorter 4 to 5 mỏnth max season up here then it’s cold n wet again.

Good luck :+1: n keep on keeping on ! That’s how you learning …