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Flow 2 brood frames build help


I have assembled my Flow Hive 2. When assembling frames there is an option to install a piece of timber into a groove or not. I have not done so yet.
Also, there are markings on each side of the frames that indicate to me that I should attach something or do something with the markings. Someone, please inform me of what I should be doing.



Hi Paul, ideally you should leave the wooden strips out. The little holes in the sides are for wire which has wax foundation fitted to it… It would be good for you to join a bee club & find a mentor who can help you & show you how to go about it.


Hello there,
the groove is for either installing the piece of thin wood- if you are going foundationless- or installing wax or plastic sheets if you use foundation. As you are novice I recommend you use wax foundation- but its up to you.

as jeff said- it would be grand to get someone local with experience to show you the ropes. If you can’t do that: youtube is your friend.



Hi again Paul, this video of mine shows why you need to be shown how to properly fit the wax foundation.


PS, at the time of making this video, I used to use the customers own frames for the colony. Since then I started exchanging the frames. That proved to be less than ideal for me. Currently I’m charging extra & supplying the frames with the nucs.


Thanks JeffH. Very informative.



You’re welcome Paul, no worries.


Hi Paul,

Here is the video on how to make your brood frames:

Here is the video about the different options with your brood frames:


There are a few topics on the forum about whether to use foundation or not, you can read about that here:


Here is an article about foundationless beekeeping:

Hope that helps :slight_smile: :honeybee: