Flow Bee Suit & Gloves - Poor Quality

Just wore my Flow Bee Suit today for the fourth occasion and noticed that one of the zip tags to attach the hood to the body suit is broken off. Also one of the gloves has a large tear where the material joins to the leather.

Suit as is - deemed useless, gloves - very dodgy.

Has anyone else experienced identical problems and can Flow rectify ?

I’ve been happy with my gloves but not so happy with the zips on the suit. I’ve two broken teeth on the zip for the veil attachment which makes it difficult to get on and off and the main zip jams easily. Mine is still wearable and so i havent spoken to Flow about it but i agree they could be better.

Sorry to hear your beesuit and gloves are not in optimal condition.

Please contact customer service at honeyflow so that we can organise the replacement beesuit (and gloves).

Please include your order number or the email address you used when you ordered so that we can find you in our system.


Sorry again for the inconvenience.

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