Bee Suits are they proper sizes?

I was just wondering if anyone can tell me if the Flow Bee Suit, the one for $179 is sized right ?
I bought a suit off Ebay that was supposed to be XXL and unless I suddenly put on a lot of weight that doesn’t show on my day to day clothes, when I tried to put it on it was more like a Large to maybe XL.
I don’t want to waste more money and don’t want a 3XL or 4XL that hangs like a tent off me.
I have been doing weight lifting for quite a few years and have larger biceps/triceps than the normal person and I have a fairly large chest.
2XL on most normal clothes fit perfect, some brands though require a 3XL like that Bee suit I bought, just depends on whether they just make the item wider or longer ?
I am happy to buy a 3XL if it’s a proper 3XL and not a small or Asian sized 3XL as I don’t trust buying a 2XL suit only to find it’s not Australian made as I want one I can take off by myself as the 2XL one I can put on no probs just can’t get out of it by myself with out tearing it.
I am 64 and not as spry as I used to be and for some reason getting out of things is a lot more trouble then getting in them :slight_smile:

The Flow Hive bee suit is made in Pakistan if that is any help. I might be a bit cynical but I have four full mesh bee suits of three different sizes trying to buy one that is a comfortable fit but they all seems to be the same size when I put them on although the labels say otherwise. Even buying from their measurement chart using a measuring tape I end up with an extremely loose suit with the knee pads half way down my shins…

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Thanks for the reply, I would rather have lose then tight as I can adjust the lose with my Wifes sewing talents, It’s very hard to adjust a smaller suit to larger with out the material and a lot of work.
I will try a 3XL and fingers crossed :slight_smile: Cheers

I take your point but it is a bugger when you use the suits sizing chart and select a suit to fit 5’6" and under 65kg and my off-sider who is over 6’2" and 85kg tries it on and says it’s a perfect fit for him :grin: :grin:

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Hi mate, I like jackets opposed to a full suit. I always have issues with overalls riding up hence a jacket.
I’d recommend visiting your local bee equipment and trying on a pair and purchasing from them to be safe.
A decent ventilated jacket is around $120 here over West.

I bought a full suit last year, used the sizing chart which suggested small and I ordered it.

I wasn’t sure so I called them before they shipped it and told them my particulars, they sent me a large instead and it fits perfectly. Never trust the sizing chart.

It’s an overall suit but it has elastic that hooks over your heels and thumbs so no ride up, also really light cotton so is comfortable in summer, although the occasional stinger gets through.

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Well after the advice I got here, I bought a ventilated Suit and got a 3XL, it’s a tiny bit long but other than that it fits great and I can take it off by myself, yay lol.
I now need to test it as it looks like the Bees could just sting through the mesh ?
It is a much heavier suit than my other suit even though it looks like it should be lighter ?
Thanks all for your help,

i haven’t been stung thru any of my mesh suits but I agree they are very heavy when you have it on. I guess that they are 3 layer thick accounts for the weight. I have been stung thru jeans and full cotton suits.

Good to know, as I would have been a little extra careful at first but now with your edorsement I will feel a lot happier as otherwise I would have been expecting a sting at any moment :slight_smile:

I found that if your nervous the bees will tweak to it and more likely to attack. If you get a sting smoke the sting area after you use your hive tool to remove the sting, it leaves a sent for other bees to ‘sting here’ so you can get a mass stinging in the same spot.

I am quite confident around my Bees as the stings don’t really bother me, I just prefer not to get stung as then I feel better for my Grand kids when they come over and it’s the only reason I am getting a new tested Queen to try and make the hive one like it was when I first had it :slight_smile:.
Also for my neighbours sake as they are from ireland and very scared of Bees for some reason and the Bees seem to like them :slight_smile: