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FLOW design aids SHB


SHB is a fact of life in bee keeping on Australia’s East Coast but if the hive is healthy and strong the bees will control their numbers. Beware the tray of cooking oil, it will also drown your bees that can get down to the slide out board. So I wouldn’t go down that track. I just do weekly inspections of the supers and each 2 weeks do a full hive inspection ans squash any SHB that I can beat the bees to.
SHB breed in the soil around and under the hive where they lay their eggs, I mix one cup of white cleaning vinegar, one cup of table salt in 10 litres of water and use a watering can to drench down around and under the hives, it then kills the burrowing SHB and kills weed growth but does no harm to the bees.
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I’ve seen some successful oil traps on the forum. And the bees should not be able to get in there and drown. That is a different issue.