Flow Frame Spacing

I have installed the flow frames in the flow box after pre waxing frames. It is now on hive and bees are working. My question is that I was looking today in the rear window and noticed there was some slight space between frames. Is this normal? All frames are lined up it’s just about a 1/16 between frames. No play from to back so it’s not that alignment. Side plexiglass spacers were installed.

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If you can post a photo (use the 7th icon from the left at the top of the text entry window to upload one), then we can tell you whether the spacing is OK or not. 1/16" sounds fine, but just want to help you out. A photo with the rear panel cover removed would be perfect. :wink:


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That’s how mine looks - bees certainly can’t fit through and mine have sealed most of the gaps with propolis.

When I first put the super on, I just made sure the gap was even across all 7 frames by sticking my finger nail between gaps that were narrower. After the bees sealed things up, they don’t move anymore.


Great! Thanks so much for the quick response!

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I agree, looks normal to me. You need some “wiggle room” when you are lifting the frames to see whether they are capped before you harvest. That looks about perfect to me.


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You can squeeze them from the sides to close the gaps and leave the excess split between both ends.

The others are spot on though the bees will seal the gaps up.