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Flow Frame still has closed cells after harvest

This spring has been our first Harvest after 1 year. We have harvested successfully 5 frames so far and we have more ready soon.

Yesterday we harvested our end frame on the window side. We noticed the Frame did not release all the honey. As we could see the bees start to clean up old wax. However looks like 2 to 3 columns in the frame still closed.

We tried several times to open and close.
Moving the key in and out feels like something is loose as we move the key slowly in.

We will remove the frame and inspect again just wondering if anyone has come accross this before?

Noticed one middle column of cells pushing outward toward the glass when we tried the key again halfway into the frame.


Hello and welcome to the Flow forum!

It sounds to me like your wires may not be tight enough. Do you have 2 keys? If you do, using them both at the same time can help. I would definitely check your wire tension before using the frames again.

Otherwise @Freebee2 and @Bianca may be able to shed some light from the Flow team.

Hi @Tamilah yes we’d be happy to help! It’s easiest if you email us via info@honeyflow.com so we can access you full account details and work with you to find out what’s happening. Thanks for tagging me @Dawn_SD :slight_smile:

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