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1/4 of flowhive frame not "locking"

I have a flowhive 2 that’s 14 months old. Today I noticed that the segments on the (beehive) front 1/4 of one of the end frames don’t align, so the bees can’t seal and fill this whole section of the frame with honey (photos attached). I fully inserted the key to ensure the frame was “reset/locked” completely, but it didn’t budge.

I have harvested from this frame once before and the cells had all been sealed and full.

Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions?

I guess I need to approach flowhive for a replacement frame?


Hi JJJ, I wonder if it has anything to do with loose wire tension…tagging @Freebee2 so you get the right advice.

Hi Jaye,

If you need any product assistance the easiest option is to email info@honeyflow.com so the team can assist (that way we will be able to access your account details etc.)

The forum is great for beekeeping advice - so if you think your bees are doing anything strange that might be at the root of the issue, then the forum will give you access to a greater cohort of beekeepers to discuss this with.

I think it sounds like a product issue in this instance… so please pop us through an email for further assistance.

Cheers - Free


Thank you! Will do. :grinning:

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