SUCCESS! The experiment with wax worked!

It is evident that the bees think the frames are their own and had been damaged so they are busy filling the seams!

Can’t wait to see nectar in there!


Love your videos, I have learned so much from your posts, the replies and your videos. Thank you!

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Love it! Also love the bees that are plastered to the plexiglass, looking like they’re checking you out!


Thanks! Frankly, I’m winging it here. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone :wink:

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I have seen the same activity in my flow frames for about a month now. The bees have sealed the cells and are in and out of them all the time. But apparently there’s no honey in the flow frames - non at all…!!! One should think they would be start filling them by now, so I’m a bit disappointed. I have prepped the flow frames with both wax and honey, but the bees just don’t seem to fill them :pensive:
Have anyone the same experience?

What else do you have? I’ve not put my FLOW unit on, waiting for bees to finish filling what frames they have in the brood box. I also added a medium and they filled that with sugar water stores. I would like to see more brood area so last week, when the medium was almost 80% I added another medium in between. Since we are in dearth, not sure I will even put on FLOW super this year. I am first time beeker with new equipment and empty frames, it takes them longer, I think to get the job done. My bees came late, too. May 2.

I put mine on two weeks ago. You wouldn’t know from the observation windows that they were storing nectar, but I took a quick peek at two of the inner frames yesterday, and sure enough, they are starting to fill at the bottom, center. Not as quickly as I would have anticipated, but filling nonetheless.


Are you using a Queen Excluder?


I am using a queen excluder.