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Flow Frames harvest video (without reading the instructions)


Thought everyone might be interested in a Flow Hive/Flow Frames harvest from a customer - https://vimeo.com/145676204


Maybe I am a little OCD but I read the instructions for everything I buy. Even if it is for something as simple as a waffle iron. It’s amazing what you learn when you read the instructions…


I read all the instructions too… but that’s just how I am.

I actually learnt in a course - teaching adults course, that we all learn in different ways.

I like to read through everything, know the ins and outs, then start. Some people just like to jump right in.
Some people will read the instructions and do it one step at a time.
Some people prefer and learn best by doing first, and then learning from their mistakes.

We’re all different.

But I think the main point of the video is, that despite it all - the honey was able to be harvested, even without reading the instructions first :wink:


The whole process does seem pretty forgiving which is nice to see.


Hi Adam, my OCD differs from yours, I tend to not read all the instructions. I think in this case I would have. I read all the instructions for a generator I bought once. The bloke in this video will do a much better job next time, I’m sure. I hope he will see the value in closing the frames together tightly.