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WOW harvesting methods bring out the bias Flow Haters

Today I posted a short video of my flow hive in action and within one hour I had 2073 views and 172 comments and questions. I proceeded to answer all questions about the flow hive and the curator of the Face book page deleted my video and sent me a rather unkind message about all flow hive bee talk being deleted. Meanwhile the fellow had a ton of interest to his page. What the heck peeps? What’s with the harvesting bias? I’m just a user of the product and frankly it was a very cute video. I don’t begrudge anyone who harvests honey using a multitude of methods. Here’s my take away. If one is closed off to invention or progress saving the honey bee then those who have a closed mind learn less and only learn within the confines of their own thinking.

Now I go back and forth with some local beekeepers about their skepticism of the flow hive but I nailed them to the wall as to justifying all the equipment they have purchased over the years. If it works don’t fix it. I’ve invited them over for a harvest viewing. If they don’t make it I send a video. They waiver then fall back on old methods. I tell them I’m not selling a product but showing them there are other ways to “skin a cat” so to speak. I respect any beekeeper that is for the health of the bee first and the honey is a blessing. I like blessings though :smiley:

Has anyone else suffered the insufferable intolerant harvesting method bias people or is it just me?


Post it on YouTube, put a link here, and I will give you as many likes (through family, friends etc) as I possibly can. Time to stop Facebook (I presume it was Facebook) bias NOW! :blush:


yes it was facebook under a group page

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I am here for you @Martha. I believe in you and your journey. Time to drop the jerks and post the reality. :wink:

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Your challenge got to motivated to learning up upload on youtube. LOL I love it! video is processing
and by the way search for mwolkonsky on youtube.

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Here is my video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1CexlME4Mg


Hi Martha that sounds like childish behavior to me. I’ll check out your Youtube clip. cheers

PS Yeah baby Martha, great video :slight_smile:

PPS I told Wilma what happened on Facebook. She said “Oh that’s rude, that’s very rude, they shouldn’t have done that”.


by the way you and anyone else from the forum is welcome to my facebook page to join in a fellowship. https://www.facebook.com/martha.wolkonsky


For anyone who wants to watch it without opening a different website, here is the share link. Martha will learn it soon, she is one determined lady, and I love that! :heart_eyes:

Very nice job, @Martha. As we used to say as medical students, “Nihil illegitimi te carborundum”. AKA “Never let those of questionable parentage grind you down”.


You got my like.
Reminds me of the excitement I had when the first honey flowed out my tube.


My Dad used to say it in latin but it was “don’t let the bastages get you down”. I cleaned up the language. Hey I just bumped into Gerald Nickol in a bee forum on Facebook. At first I didn’t recognize him. But that was a kick in the pants! :smiley:


I get excited every frame! It never gets old. :smiley:

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OK how did you do that so that another window to youtube does not pop up?

Easy peasy. :blush: Open your YouTube page with the video and underneath it, look for an arrow that says Share next to it. Click on that, and near the bottom of the new window that appears, you will see a link with “Copy” next to it. Click on the copy highlight, then just paste it here, and the video turns up, rather than a web page. Easy as southern pie! :smile:


Hmmm as I copied the link from the Http line. That’s an interesting find.

I found that reception from the established beekeeping shops here in Perth, out of all places. They all treated me with suspicion and none were helpful or answered my questions. Probably they didn’t realise the Flow Hive was going to generate more business for them. Well, I ended up buying most of the stuff I needed online rather from them, out of spite. I still avoid them as much as I can.

It also discouraged me to seek advice from traditional beekeepers around me and instead get my knowledge from books, and this forum, for which I am immensely grateful…

It is an interesting behaviour none the less.

I am professional photographer by trade, and learned my skills in the days of film and fully manual cameras, developing in smelly darkrooms. When digital photography came out there was a very similar reaction from ‘old school’ photographers when they saw how much more accessible photography was becoming to folk that never had to spend as much effort to learn the skills, in their view.


I love the smell of acetic acid in the mornings… It smells like photographs! :smile:

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If your photos are smelling of vinegar, we need to have a chat Dawn!!

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Only if I didn’t rinse them properly and neutralize the reactions. However, I spent many an hour in darkrooms too, so I know how smelly the darkroom can be, and how irritating to a sensitive airway. :wink: I was just making a joke based on a movie quote. A bit obscure, but that is me sometimes. :blush:

I see not difference in how we tend to the bees using the flow hive. The flow hive is just another manner in which we can harvest honey and disturb the bees less. My video which was on the hive at the time of harvest cause people to think it was fake since no bees flew into the honey. However to each his own. I simply wish people would not be so rude even if the don’t understand the flow hive. Yes, it does leave a sour taste in ones mouth to be treated so unkindly.

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