Flow Hive 2 Stand Dimensions

Hello! Can anyone tell me the Flow Hive 2 stand dimensions? From the center of one foot to the center of the others would be very helpful!

Hello and welcome to the Flow forum. If you don’t get an answer here, you could send an e-mail to Flow support at info@honeyflow.com and I am sure that they will help you out. That is if @Freebee2 doesn’t know the answer off the top of her head. :wink:

I would tell you myself, but I don’t have a Flow hive 2, just the classics. :blush:

Ohh good question! And not one I’ve been asked before…
We will measure one here at the office and get back to you shortly…


Hi Ben,

I guess I should check which hive size you are interested in (6 or 7 frames) and the timber type, as the different hives will vary a little…

We will then measure these for you.

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Cedar 7 frame Flow 2. Thanks!

Based on the dimensions posted online, I’m going to estimate 625.5mm x 511.2mm or 24 5/8” x 20 1/8”

Let see how close I am…

Apparently the length is 46cm and width 36cm… not sure why this differs so much from your guestimate @chau06 - hope we got the measurements right!

Hmm. I used the dimensions on that page and subtracted 7/8”… it did seem big. My initial guess was closer, but I edited it… 478x382mm. But I guess the legs are closer together than the middle of the timber part anyway… so maybe I should have guessed differently - by that logic it would have been about 456x360 which is pretty darn close!

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Very close indeed! And nice logical process… I want you on my trivia team :wink: