Overall Dimensions of the Finished Flow Hive 2+ with 6 Frames and Legs

Can someone tell me the overall dimensions, please? It can be an approximation.

Thank you!

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Might I suggest that you email your question to info@honeyflow.com? They are customer support and will have all of the latest details for you. Most of us are just beekeepers, and many of us don’t have the Flow 2 hives, so you will probably get a faster, more accurate answer direct from Flow, unless @KieranPI wants to step in (he moderates this forum)

If you email and don’t see a reply in a day or two, check your junk/spam mail, as a lot of their messages seem to get diverted there for some people.

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Happy to thanks Dawn,

Flow uses the Langstroth sizing when it comes to overall dimensions you are looking at about 350mm x 500mm with it standing around 820mm with the legs fully extended and can get to as low as 720mm with the legs screwed in completely. I hope this helps. You can also find packing dimensions and more here: Flow Hive & Flow Frame weights and dimensions

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