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Flow Hive EU Tour April-June 2017

Stuart Anderson, co-inventor of the Flow Hive will be in Europe from April-July for a speaking tour. He will be presenting at a range of events as listed below.

His talk always draws a crowd and Stuart enjoys the chance to meet with the many new beekeepers and the experienced beekeeping community who are supporting them. So come say hello!

Stuart will give a personal account of the family’s story that went from invention to global crowdfunding success. An invention which took a lifelong love of bees and a decade of work with his son, Cedar, to create. View the Flow Hive Classic and Flow Super UK National, while Stuart shares his tips and troubleshoots concerns. Join in for a question and answer session to have your Flow Hive questions answered as only Stuart can.

Media enquiries: media@honeyflow.com

Flow Hive European Tour April-June 2017

April 7-9:
British Beekeepers Association Spring Convention,
Newport, Shropshire, UK.
Visit the Flow Hive stand in the Trade Show and hear Stuart’s presentation Saturday 5pm in the RFA Lecture Theatre.
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April 16:
Summer Talks Program at Kew Gardens,
Hear Stuart’s presentation in the Royal Botanic Gardens amongst ‘The Hive’, a multi-sensory experience designed by UK based artist Wolfgang Buttress. It stands 17m tall and consists of 32 horizontal stacked layers of hexagonal geometry imitating honeycomb. ‘The Hive’ is an immersive sound and visual experience where the lights you see and the sounds you hear are triggered by bee activity in a real beehive at Kew.
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April 21:
Edinburgh Beekeepers Association Meeting,
The Eric Liddell Centre, 15 Morningside Road, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
Stuart will be joining the Beekeepers meeting for a presentation and meet and greet at 7pm. Come along!
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May 6:
Somerton Beekeepers Association Meeting,
Somerset, UK.
Stuart will be joining the Beekeepers meeting for a presentation and meet and greet. Come along! Location to be announced.
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May 8-11:
Global Food Innovation Summit,
Milano, Italy.
One of the top food innovation events worldwide, the Summit is dedicated to showcasing international talent and cutting-edge solutions from across the world. Stuart will be presenting and visitors can experience the Flow Hive stall in the exhibition hall.
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June 5:
Bridgend Beekeepers Association Meeting,
Coytrahen Community Hall, Wales, UK.
Stuart will be joining the Beekeepers meeting for a presentation and meet and greet at 7.30pm. Come along!
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June 9-11:
Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show,
Chatsworth, Derbyshire, England, UK.
Stuart is joining the Derbyshire Beekeepers Association for a beekeeping stand and display at the Flower Show. You can also catch Stuart’s presentation - time to be announced.
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June - TBA
Events in France

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