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Flow Hive™ Filling in the UK Solstice 2016


Well it is possible to have Flow Hives™ in the UK


Thank you for sharing, looks amazing picture perfect on the capping and the distribution. Mine does not appear like that

I did my 1st hive inspection in about 3 weeks. I know that’s a long time and I should’ve gone into it sooner, luckily I did not observe any issues yesterday. I too in Dallas Texas and seeing the flow hives working, or at least honey and cells. I don’t have as much capped as Valli is showing in her video, I do have a lot more honey/fluid. My only guess, is the amount of rain/humidity we’ve had. It’s just stopped raining over the past week or so. Cannot see any capped honey to the observation window, once opening the hive I was able to see a lot of capped honey starting on the entrance side moving toward the harvesting side. Valli has a nice pattern starting in the middle, for whatever reason mine started in the top of the harvesting side, I almost have every frame full of fluid hopefully the girls will get it all capped soon :slight_smile:


Yes, peculiar; not how they do it usually, unless the box below has bees only in the middle

How many frames have you got filled?


I only have 1 hive. 2 Brood boxes and the flow frames on top.

sorry for the bad photo, that was taken early one morning.

All 6 flow frames are about 90% full of honey, likely more than that but hard from me to guess. only about 10% capped right now.

The Brood Boxes are all most all Brood with pollen around the edges, and almost no honey in the brood boxes


That looks great Valli


Sounds wonderful
Are you keeping a good eye on swarming?
I am wondering how the bees react in this situation. If they have no room in the brood box and the Flow super is not ready to extract would you put a traditional super in between?


I might put one on top. Two reasons - head space to increase ventilation and evaporation, plus they would be less like to move honey into the new super if it is on top. Of course they will do whatever they want, but you can improve your chances a bit.


Yes that makes sense.
You have kept bees in the UK and you’ll know that flows can come fast and furious, rather than a constant dribble and bees will fill a super without capping it because there is still nectar coming in


Dee mainly the middle frames - same amount as 3 weeks ago we had goo weather then 1 or so of rain so I guess they ate some, but only starting to cap now.

This hive Emerald’s is on double Flow hive brood (16 frames brood and flows on top) she seems to be slowing a little now but may have been the wet weather And yes the frames above the brood centre.


I would have thought you could have a flow hive anywhere you can keep bees. I see a bloke has one in Alaska.


from me it was a poke at all those naysayers out there about the flow hive in general. I am thinking Valli was meaning the same. But I don’t want to speak for her.

I got some neg feed back this past weekend at the Texas BeeKeeping Clinic


@Martydallas Yes Marty For the Nay Sayers, doubting Thomas’s and unadventurous


LOL LOL I know we were on the same page, :blush::grinning:


Yes well, people are saying all sorts of things. One example is: some people are comparing it to motor cars & horse & buggies. Horse & buggies being ‘traditional beekeeping’.

Unadventurous… I’ve had enough adventures thank you very much.