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Flow Hive For Sale Switzerland


Flow™ Hive, Classic Cedar 6 Frame -
(Previously called: Complete Full Flow Hive, Flow™ Hive Western Red Cedar)
Hi everyone I have this hive for sale here in Switzerland. It is unassembled and still in it’s orginal packaging. Unfortunately due to other commitments I won’t be able to use it. Send me a message if you are interested.

Look for a Flow Hive in Switzerland


I can offer you 350 EUR. Let me know if you are interested.


Hallo Gav,
wo in der Schweiz müsste man ihn holen
und was soll er kosten?

Gruß Thomas


I’m interested, what do you want for it, including the cost of shipping to Sweden?
regards jörgen


Meine Tel: 0049 170 249 4211.


Hallo Thomas Ich wohne in Nottwil 6207 Zentralschweiz Gruß Gavin


Hello Sasho . I would like to get back what I paid for it and seeing as it is brand new still in the box i think thats fair. So 550 Euro or 600chf + shipping


Is it still available? I would be interested at the asking price. Best regards, Henrik


I’m interested. Contact me (lozano.fjl@gmail.com)


Is this still available? I’m interested =) deganitperez@hotmail.com