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For sale - Brand NEW FULL FLOW HIVE - UK


Original founders member full size Flowhive for sale in Canterbury, UK.
Unopened, still in box.
Gift was unable to be used due to illness.
Can be delivered to Kent, UK or collection.

Email - tizbuzzy@hotmail.com



Hello and welcome to the forum Mat,
You have failed to give the price of the Flow Hive and if it is a 7 or a 6 frame version. Once you have corrected I think you will have no trouble selling it.


Hello Peter. It is a Classic Cedar 6 Frame Hive. £400


Is it still available?


Hi Peter,

Yes this is still available.
Feel free to email me directly if you would like to buy it.
All the best, Mat


Hi Matt,

I would be interested in buying the FlowHive.


Hi Paras,

Ok. Please email directly to tizbuzzy@hotmail.com to arrange payment and collection.

All the best,


I have emailed, you not had a reply back.

Hence sending message here


I am in Australia and I only contacted you to add the price and a better description of your hive. Good luck with the sale.


Matt, I have sent you a mail



This hive is now SOLD.