Flow hive Full 6 frame modifications


I am new to bee keeping and I bought a flow hive classic (i believe it to be anyways) .

Anyways, I read somewhere that there were some useful modifications you could do to the classic before jumping into putting a hive in it.
I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for this.
I know some of the modifications people do are to fox some of the problem they fixed in the flow 2 boxes.

Also, I was wondering what you guys use to seal the wood and if you just do the outside or the inside too?
I wasn’t sure if any of the chemicals would harm the bees.

I am located in Tucson, AZ where I get a lot of sun.


(Attached picture below)

Hiya Nick and welcome! Looks like you have the real thing :+1:

I went ahead an recategorized your post so it will get the right attention. To answer your question about modifications, I’ve made some minor tweaks to my FH Classics but prob not exactly matching what changed on the FH2. I think you’ll need more hands-on experience with beekeeping in general before you’ll know what changes could help you and your bees the most. Are you connected to any local beekeepers, in a club in your area etc?

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Thank you.
I am on a local group on facebook, but doesn’t seem they are very active and not much about flow hives there.

I was just afraid of building it and then not being able to do the changes afterwards.

Looking forward to this new hobby after I research it a bit more.

I’m a relative beginner too and it’s not really a FH mod but… the one thing I wish I had done is to use frames with foundation rather than the foundationless frames supplied with the FH.

Both frame types work but the ones with foundation encourages the bees to build straight down rather than potentially wonky, as has happened to me. Tricky to change frames after they’ve started work on them.

The ones that come with FH definitely work though, it would just be one less thing to worry about as a beginner.

Other advice I was to paint the roof and other wooden parts (outsides only) before assembling so you can get between the box joints. The FH will last much longer in the elements.