Flow Hive arrived today!

Well it came today finally. Kind of a bummer thinking I may not even get to use it this year but nonetheless I am happy to know it is here if I need it. I bought the flow super 6 frame to fit on my 8 frame boxes. But like I stated before I a going to give the bees another medium for winter so unless I have the super colony it looks to be a year before the flow gets some action.

Putting it together was pretty good, just had to identify the screws to use per the number of them and the pictures because they weren’t labeled in the directions. I also have to use sandpaper to get the window to fit and the back removable panel. Other than that, I will stare at it until I finally get to try it out.


Did you get the cedar super? How are you going to treat the outside, if at all? I am asking because you may want to treat before you put the perspex window in the recess - it can be very difficult to remove any overspills from it if you insert it first. :blush:


Dawn, that is great advice! I was thinking that after I had put it together too. My wife is going to stain it today to match the rest of the set up. But yes it is the cedar box. I tried to put the pic up but it is too big and I am not a computer junky to be able to figure our how to resize it. Thanks for the tip!

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@Anthony_Azzariti I’m sure I’ve read somewhere in this forum a clarification from @Faroe where she has said that only Flow sell the flowhive and other seller’s are selling knock-offs. Are you sure you got a genuine flow hive?


I read that too. Mine was purchased from this site but shipped from Lancaster PA. I read through the responses on the knock offs. It doesn’t take long for China to copy and make a good quality product junk.


I agree with both @SnowflakeHoney and @Ssgregory97, it seems that our friend @Anthony_Azzariti has been the subject of a scam. I am still willing to help with all things beekeeping, but as far as the “non-Flow” frame copies are concerned, I have no ideas. So sorry, Bruce. :cold_sweat:


Yah Bruce !

Whether pine or cedar there shouldn’t have been ANY WAXY finish ! I do woodworking using pine all the time because of its economic pricing. No WAX ! I’d carefull check over your Flow-Super. If it’s not Authentic it may never work or operate correctly. Check the span wire, cell alignment, see if the tool opens and closes the frames smoothly. Try step opening (a 1/3 or 1/4 at a time) … You don’t want a non-working unit on your hive n can’t operate the mechenism !

Good luck n hope you got the real deal n not the shaft …


Here’s several close-up of my newly arrived n assembled Flow-Super ( the Delux 7 frame)…

Ok here is the before and after. I used a Dewalt 1/4 Impact for the screws (too much for the hand crank screw driver) . It looks amazing, I could leave it in the house just to look at :slight_smile:

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Hi Alan,
Yes we are only selling genuine Flow Hives and Flow Frames through our web shops at this stage.
The only other place is on Amazon (it’s more expensive).
We aren’t selling on any other platforms, ebay, alibaba, etc.
If someone has bought a hive there, they might want to ask for a refund.

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My eyes my be a bit “off” due to the angle of the photo, but those box joints are a bit on the sloppy side… That would make me slightly suspicious.

Suspicious of what? I mean the top piece does not fit in the slots very well, I had to sand them (the removable wood slat that covers the tool insertion part). If you mean not a flow hive, I paid 469 plus shipping from this site and all the documentation is from the flow hive folks and tracked here on my account so I hope it is authentic…

Like I said – my eyes might be off due to angulation of the pic and the like.

If you ordered from this site, its not an issue.

I’m also an OCD woodworker… I’ll fuss and fume at a joint for hours before finally stomping off in frustration.


Your flow box looks like my genuine article, not like a copy. Nice looking timber patterning you have too. Good luck for a great flow start!


I’d be more suspicious if they weren’t sloppy. :grinning:

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That one looks like a keeper, you won’t beee disappointed.