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Flow hive in Minnesota..conventional supers fine..flow super empty


THis is my first season with a flow super. I put it on one of my second year hives with two brood boxes.
I had four supers on the boxes - three conventional and the flow super. I put the flow super in the second position (from the queen excluder, reasoning that the bees would have to go past the flow frame and that would end up getting filled.
I just finished an inspection with mite count (negligible).
The good news is that all the conventional supers are getting filled nicely. The ones on top were so heavy…
All frames in the super that was under the flow super has been nicely drawn out and filled with honey and frames are about 75% capped.
The bad news is the flow super…the bees seem to be going right through the flow hive.and storing honey above (and below).but not in the flow frames!
I could see some scattered pollen in the two frames I pulled out to inspect.
I wonder if you have any advice…
When I reassembled the supers, I put the flow hive on the top…hoping to have the honey in conventional supers capped fully.
thanks in advance for any inputs

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