2nd year for honey

It has been a year since I commenced my Flow Hive. All good but no honey in super. I am on far south coast of NSW.
Brood box full of comb and bees seem happy.
Can I expect the super will now be attractive to the bees to store honey for upcoming season. I had removed the super for the winter to give the bees a smaller area to keep warm. Now the weather is becoming warmer I’m about to put super back onto brood box with the hope they will now use it.
Any thoughts please.

Have you done all of this stuff?

Dawn is on the money, the FAQ will help you to think like a bee. You also need to understand the floral cycles in your area. Your bees cannot fill the Flow frames unless there is an abundance of nectar, flowers don’t always equal nectar.
Have you checked the brood frames to determine the amount of nectar or stored honey in them? This time of the year is the beginning of colony buildup and a time when pollen and nectar is needed more than normal as the colony grows so keep a close on your stores to ensure your bees do not starve.


Before thinking about honey, you need to bring your bees through the mating season. A lot can happen between now & a decent honey flow. What is your mentor suggesting?


Thanks so much for the information. I shall sift through it and I’m sure I’ll get a good start on this next season.
I have joined a bee association and I will talk with them at he next meeting. Feedback has suggested last season was not particularly strong and a new hive needs a good flow. We have an acre of bee friendly plants so food is available. A recent check indicated a very healthy colony so all indications that I should see some honey this summer.
If not I may need to apply some of the suggestions recommended on this forum.
Many thanks

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