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Flow hive material

Hello everybody, I’m after some advice on my newly purchased flow hive 2+

It seems that flow hive had provided my package with 2 different materials ? I paid extra for cedar.

See photo below.

Can someone confirm that this is the case and perhaps advise what I should do.

Thank you

Welcome to the forum!

Nothing to do - there’s a lot of natural variation in WRC. It will likely be accentuated if you finish with natural stain, wax, or tung oil.

It will all eventually likely fade to grey but you may always see some variation.


Hi Joel,

The Western Red Cedar is amazing timber that way! There is a huge range of natural colour variation - please see more on this here - My hive has different coloured woods, is it made entirely of Western Red Cedar?

Our cedar and aracauria hives are manufactured at different premises, so it’s almost impossible for the timbers to be mixed up.

If you have any further concerns, feel free to pop us through an email to info@honeyflow.com :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the clear response.

I will proceed with the build.

Take care


Wonderful - enjoy your new hive and please do email the team if you need any assistance. I find it helps to use the video and written assembly guides in combination - it’s a bit of a project but using both sets of instructions helps to make the whole process a lot more manageable (hopefully you will find this too!)