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FLOW Hive Door Wood?


I just got my hive assembled/oiled and I think the wood on the door is not red cedar like the rest of the hive. What do you think? Is this a mistake?



@Mark_Marshall. There has been discussion about the wide variety of the cedar colouring. Apparently that is normal


It’s definitely Western Red cedar as @Valli said. It’s amazing how many colors are represented by the same species. No other wood is being used in our factory to make the hives.



Mark, your door is from a different piece of red cedar. I recognize the wood n grain pattern. I work n built projects from many species of wood local n other. We have a lot of red cedar here in the PNW. Red colors n shades vary greatly depending where the parent tree was cut. Each tree sucks up minerals by its roots. Depending on what each tree roots are tapped into gives the individual radish colors thus different shades n hue … Don’t worry ! That isn’t a different species like pine …here’s a pix I just took out in my small woodshop of hive boxes i am presently building from locally available pine. Looks like you did a great assembly job. Good luck n happy beekeeping bro. Gerald.


Red cedar varies a lot in color even in the same piece of wood.


@Mark_Marshall I think you are lucky. I love wood gains. I paid extra to have a coffee table I designed made of spalted ash ,so I could have the coloured gaining - it costs extra!!


You can see a variance of color even in my lamenated pine boards. That’s normal. Enjoy your new Flow-Hive.

I have found if I want something to perfectly match I buy a large plank of the same wood n have to cut down my boards. Even then there will be some changes in colors, shades, hues n grain texture n patterns. This is the name of the game in real woods. Enjoy :+1:. Gerald


Hi Villi, wow :+1:. Spalled Ash. Way to go ! Love working with different wood n grains that excess. Odd gains can be pricey but worth it. Ya got a pix ?

I did this jewelry box for my wife last Valintine day. This is a special dark grained mahogany from S. America … It gets its deep dark color from the elements in the soil it grows in there. It was pricey but worth it.
Not sure I’d build a hive out of this species :wink:
I enjoy woodworking too.



Somewhere on my laptop but no cable at present


Thanks for all the replies. I figured it was the same but wanted to ask the experts :slight_smile: Now if spring would just come!!!




Bee patient ! :sunglasses: when it starts its like a sprint for awhile. Maker sure you have your other tools ready n prepared too ! If your not aquatinted with lighting n using your smoker… Lighter up n practice so you don’t give any of your bees a hot butt instead of just smoke. Great time for reading, studying, n checking out internet flix’s.

Where do you live Mark ? I live up here in the Pacific NW of Washington State. I was out at an acquaintance watching his bees out n semi-active on purging flights. It’s been 55 years since I actively raised bees so I am excited n trying to catch up.

Take care n enjoy the ride,


Gerald…thanks for the reply. I’m in Kirkland, but am going to have the hive in Sammamish at my folks place. I’m looking forward to the adventure.


Mark, does your folks have better location or you need a great excuse to visit ! Good to hear from you. Have a great weekend dodging rain drops. Gerald
PS been working on a observation hive !