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Flow hive progress in Pakistan under research


Dear All!

We have started flow hive brood box with bees and here below is progress so far with my friend in Barani Agriculture research Institute BARI.

It seems bees started sealing honey in flow hive? Am I right?

Kindly inform why it is taking so long to fill all the flow hive with honey. Is it normal or we need to do something to get better results.

Please advise.


It’s slow at first you need a strong hive
I have placed a ideal box on top of the brood box for the Queen to have more room and she can build a strong hive but they won’t fill the flowhive until there a strong hive
When the flow is on my bees filled it in 4 weeks

There is no need to buy the hole flow hive you can buy the inside mechanics and it comes with a gig to fit out your box
Good luck


As with any foundation and especially with plastic, it takes a strong hive and a good flow to fill any box with honey.


Hi Ricky
Thanks for swift reply, actually its a strong hive but as share pictures we are new and want to know whether this patter of filling and sealing flow hive is right or not. We have winter here and a lot of nector around. Bees are active however we need to get right advise on this




Hi Michael

Thanks for reply, as I am new one kindly guide who can it be strong hive and good flow.

As we have winter finishing off and spring coming bees are very active and strong hive.
However flow is not much. Can you please guide.


Thanks Faroe,

I read that topic before initiating the topic as every case is different also I share picture of flow to ask experts advise.

Kindly comment and guide according. Looking forward for your usual support.



You photo is too far away to be sure. Also some photos from an inspection inside the hive would help a lot. Nice looking hive though. :blush:


Thanks Dawn for your beautiful comments.
Kindly have a look at below pictures and advise accordingly.


Thank you for the photos, Aamir @Co_Gardner_Aamir. It looks like your hive has fully drawn frames of comb, assuming that all 8 frames look the same as your photo. While you have a good number of bees, the comb does not look 80% full of brood, pollen or honey. It seems to me that perhaps they do not need the extra space in the Flow super at this time. I can’t see any wax or honey in the Flow frame photo at all.

Having said that, my favorite way to get the bees to investigate the new plastic frames is to take a little wax with a hive tool during an inspection. Photograph number one shows extra wax along the top bar of the frame, which you could scrape off without worrying the bees. I then gently smear this wax onto the comb face of the plastic Flow frames. The wax has pheromones from the bees, and it helps to make the plastic frames smell like home.

The bees will remove any extra wax from your effort and start waxing the frames. If you do this during a good nectar flow, the bees will start using the frames within a couple of weeks. If you have no nectar flow, they will continue to ignore the frames, until they need the room. :blush:



Great pix’s of your frames ! You seem to have a fair number of bees on your frames but not near enough work force n lack of space (Use cells/full cells with nectar n brood) to indicate they are ready to push up into a second Super (Your Flow-Super) yet.

Let me say, “Patience is a virtue” especially in beekeeping. Until you have a huge work force of worker bees, a very good nectar flow not just a fair nectar that keeps your bees feed they will NOT NEED the Honey-Super (Flow-Hive).

Looking :eyes: close n carefully at the one plastic Flow-Frame I see no evidence of your bees working/sealing the cracks to enclose the individual cells.

In a few months (I live in the Northern Hemisphere near Seattle, :us:) I will begin my third honey season. I’m encouraged this might be my success season. My first honey season I got started too late n miessed our main nectar flow but my bees did work n prep my Flow-Super bridging n filling the gaps. But not enough time to store Honey. Last year 2017 (our second season) started okay n my bees were willing n ready ! We were not successful honeywise again but for another reason … my bees had started depositing nectar in the flow but our summer weather turned very hot n dry leaving us with very limited flowers for my bees to forage. Thus with the bees still needing food they quickly moved the stored supply of honey :honey_pot: down into my lower boxes (supers) n the Flow-frames were now “Empty” a second season. It wasn’t the flow-supers fault this time but a dreath caused by the weather. I have two hives with Flow-supers n 4 more conventional Langstroth hives with double deep boxes n then shallow honey supers on them. None of my hives produced much extra for my 2017 season. Now waiting for the beginning of my third season here 2018.

One thing (Dawn mentioned already) is push or rub any extra scrap bees wax into your plastic Flow-frames to help give the new frames a odor n used smell the bees like. I was lucky n had a block of used bees wax which I melted down n then rolled the hot melted wax onto all my new Flow-frames.

All my Flow-supers are in cool winter storage but are ready once my bee have built up n filled my two lower deep boxes. (Here we have to use two double deep (one lower brood box n one upper deep Super for winter over honey supplies to feed our colonies during our four month winters))… here a couple pix’s of my Flow-frames n cells with wax sealing the seams n cracks.


And here’s my winter configeration with snow. So you know I do not live in the tropics or even semi-tropics.

You seem to being doing okay … just remember “Patience” … Good luck :+1: n Happy Beekeeping,



thanks @Gerald_Nickel i am glad to see your work. You are right patience is key to success however it was to share experiences and get more knowledge.
Hope to hear more from you all.


Does it matter the type of bees as we have apis mellifera? What kind of bees you people have?


@Dawn_SD its great to know that we have acted accordingly. Now waiting for bees to work out. Lets see what happens. Cheers. :smile:


The Flow hive should work with all types of Apis mellifera. I believe it is unknown about whether it will work with Apis cerana. I understand that Apis cerana is present in eastern Pakistan, but your frame photo looks more like Apis mellifera ligustica (European honey bee, Italian strain) to me. :blush:

Having looked up the climate in Rawalpindi, I think that Italian honey bees would be a great choice. The only problem with them is that consume lots of honey during a nectar dearth, and may require feeding.


Flow has had some success with Apis Cerana in Japan. They do not produce as much honey as the Apis mellifera bee, but alas they do seem to be working with the Flow Frames.
The Flow Frames have been specifically designed and tested for use with the European honey bee (Apis mellifera).
We believe the Flow frames should work well with most if not all subspecies of Apis mellifera, although we have not had time to trial this.


@Faroe and @Dawn_SD thanks for reply, lets see what happens in our case. Hopefully better results come will wait.


Dear All,

The bees still not going up in flow frames and they are just in brood box. We put/push extra vax and honey mix pasted on flow frame so that bees move upward but it does not work.

Can you suggest if we can shift the flowframe down in brood box and then reverse them later?

Or how its going to work. of course I am patient and just a point to discuss and ponder in mean while.



The other way round. Put a brood frame up into the flow super and the nurse bees will follow.
I did it once successfully.


@Webclan thanks I was thinking same way…